Friday, March 28, 2008

timeless consciousness

Sheesh, I'm reading this book...2012 The Return of Queztalecoatl. It is fascination, unnerving, gripping and unbelievable....all at once. This Mayan spirit, Queztalcoatl, foretold that we are about to enter a new period of higher consciousness....all of us. The book deeply respects the Buddha, the Upanishads, Islam...Jung, the Myths of King Arthur and many more people and things that help to uncover our everpresent ubiquitous consciousness.

I believe this stuff in my heart. That we are already part of this "field of mind' that ties everything together and that time is an illusion. We have egos that explain this side of reality and we are egoless unity beneath/above/beside/within a, to use another's term, Cosmic Consciousness. These two realities kiss sometimes.

So, according to Maya legend, we are heading toward a higher ground of being....the entire world. It will "happen" at winter's solstice, December 21, 2012. We may suffer in the transition or we may not. But, don't we always suffer to become more? So, watch out.

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